NEON Web & Graphics was founded through a passion for digital design and cyber technology. Our love of all things technological keeps us constantly searching and learning, always seeking the horizons of the digital frontier to stay up to date with the latest advances in design and cyber technology. 

We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the unfamiliar terrain of the new and ever expanding digital landscape to connect them with their perfect audience. We put our whole heart into every design we create to deliver outstanding user experiences and change the way that our clients connect with their audience online.

The right design, be it graphic or web, 



NEON strives to create unique and responsive designs that bring together quality service, cost effective solutions and creative flair. We strive to make the process of marketing your business online as enjoyable and budget friendly as possible.


We will tailor make packages to suit your companies needs and figure out the best way to put you directly in front of your target audience. What we strive for is happy customers who can rest safe in the knowledge that their brand is entrusted to the hands of professionals who care.


We will be a part of every step of the planning process and help in any way possible to make your online marketing dreams come true.



People First

We care about our client experience. We want to ensure that your business is successful and that you are happy with our services. We consider the needs of you and your clients first and foremost when considering your design projects.


Grow and Change

We understand that no business is static, all companies grow, change and adapt with the times. We want to grow and collaborate with your company, helping you to take your business to new heights and expand with the market.



We will always guide our clients to the best possible services for their needs, always being honest when ideas need to be adapted or changed to suit the project, and offering feasible solutions to all project challenges.



These are the promises we make and uphold to all our customers



We promise to never sell our customers packages or services they don't need, make promises about site traffic or deadlines that we can't uphold or complicated design lingo that will confuse and terrify you. We want an open line of communication between our customers and ourselves for the best possible design experience.



We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to our work. From web to graphic design, our clients will never receive anything but the best service and products and we are only more than happy to make changes to design work when needed.



We want your business to succeed in every way possible, good business for you is good business for us. This is why we have designed a variety of different packages for web design, graphic design, web development and more, suitable to a range of different budgets.